Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Princess Overlay Brushes

These cute brushes are perfect for that little girl photo shoot!  Stand out among your photographer peers using these brushes as overlays on images as seen here:

How to use:
1. Load the brushes into your brush palette
2. Choose the brush tool
3. Choose the brush you want to use
5. Choose the color you want the brush to be
6. Stamp the brush onto the new layer
7. Transform and rotate the brush layer to go where you want to  use it
8. Choose the eraser and erase any unwanted brush (ex. to make the wings look like they are behind the subject, or the wand in the hand)
9.  Play with the blending modes in the layers pallet to get the desired outcome, or just leave them how they are!

*These are an immediate download after purchase, so be sure to let the pages load completely*
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